The VSIII hand chain hoist combines all the features expected by the user:- Quality,safety,and performance at a favourable price. 

Capacities: 250 - 50000kg

SUITABLE FOR FLEETING. For further details please contact the sales office.


Extremely low overall height allows for optimal use of headroom.

Fully enclosed stamped steel housing allows for outdoor use.

The hooks are equipped with robust safety latches and can rotate 360 degrees.

High quality bearings and side plates, gearbox and load chain sheaves ensure smooth operation of load chain and drive pinion. 

Product Code Capacity kg Fall of Chain Closed Height Weight 3mtr HOL
VSIII 0.25/1 250 1 290mm 3.9kg
VSIII 0.5/1 500 1 350mm 9.0kg
VSIII 1.0/1 1000 1 380mm 11.5kg
VSIII 2.0/1 2000 1 460mm 19.0kg
VSIII 2.0/2 2000 2 490mm 17.3kg
VSIII 3.0/1 3000 1 570mm 31.0kg
VSIII 3.0/2 3000 2 580mm 27.0kg
VS111 5.0/2 5000 2 700mm 43.0kg