Redefining lever-operated hoists,the ERGO features the revolutionary crank handle that allows for efficient operation in both lifting and pulling applications.

Ergonomically designed for increased safety, the patent pending ERGO 360 lets the operator work up to 12 times faster and with as much as 30% less effort than with conventional ratchet lever tools.

  • 360 degree rotation increases efficiency, allowing operators to work up to 12 times faster than with a conventional ratchet lever hoist.
  • Crank handle made of durable polyamide with a heavy-duty steel core for rugged use.
  • Easy and effective operation from any angle with handle that folds down and locks into position on either side of the leaver.
  • Design keeps the operator's body aligned with the load chain, reducing the risk of the twist effect, when a hoist twists around the chain. No need to use a second hand to stabilize the hoist.
  • Operator can securely grip the grooved, no-slip handle.
  • Requires 30% less effort to operate.
Model Capacity KG Fall of Chains HOL mtr Closed Height Weight
ERGO 750 750 1 1.5 320mm 6.7
ERGO 1500 1500 1 1.5 375mm 9.6
ERGO 3000 3000 1 1.5 445mm 17.2
ERGO 6000 6000 2 1.5 563mm 28.9
ERGO 9000 9000 3 1.5 695mm 49.5